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Ranked, once again, as one of the most admired law offices in Brazil in 2019 by the respected Análise 500 magazine, Escobar Advocacia has the experience of a team with long acting in the market.

Headquartered in Recife and with office in Lisbon, the firm provides a wide range of legal consultancy services for both Brazilian and foreign companies, with recognized expertise in the fields of Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Law (partnership, contracts, mergers and acquisitions), Civil Law, Real Estate Law, Tax and International Private Law, with a focus on structuring foreign investment.

Registered with the Brazilian Bar Association OAB/PE nº 2.454, L. “B”, nº 15

Escritório mais admirado 2017
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Led by the senior partners Gustavo Henrique Eirado de Escobar and Renata Virgínia Neumann Monteiro de Escobar, Escobar Advocacia also brings together associate lawyers and consultants from a variety of law fields in which the firm operates, as well as a team of interns selected through tests, who are routinely trained and evaluated.


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